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Our Story

Hi! We’re Keri and Jackie! We met professionally years ago as registered dietitian nutritionists and media nutrition experts in New York City.

In addition to our nutrition work, Keri is a podcast host, certified yoga teacher, and health book author. Jackie is a plant-based (and classically-trained) chef, award-winning cookbook author, and friend of Mother Earth.

Over the years, we discovered a shared love for good food, cocktails, animals, and the environment, and a forever friendship was formed.

After Jackie’s vet noted that her kitty was overweight and showed signs of inflammation, Jackie put her nutrition and culinary expertise into action and created homemade “botanical bark” for him — a meal mix-in with fiber and anti-inflammatory properties. When Keri got a new puppy (in the middle of the pandemic), Jackie baked up a dog version as a nourishing cookie to welcome him home. They were a HUGE hit — and Peterra Kitchen® was born.

Peterra Kitchen is a plant-forward pet treat company specializing in nourishment, sustainability, and fun. We aim to always provide tasty, organic, 100% plant-based products to help keep pets healthy and promote a healthy weight. Our mission is to create carbon-neutral products that are loved by our pets and kind to the planet.

Keri is a proud dog mama to Cooper … better known as Cooper Dooper. Jackie is a lucky kitty mama to Baby Duke … otherwise known as Doodleberry.

Cheers to healthier pets & a greener planet!