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Is there a meaning behind the name Peterra?

There sure is! We basically made up the term by combining the two key features that define what our company is about: pets and the earth. Terra means land or territory – and, in science fiction, it means earth. Voila!

Do you have an e-gift note that I can send to let someone know I’m gifting them your product(s)?

We sure do! Here it is! Just save and send — or download from HERE. (And be sure to check our our e-Gift Cards, too HERE!
Peterra Kitchen Gift Note

Are your plant-based baking mixes only for pets following a vegan diet?

Absolutely not. They’re meant to increase your pet’s plant intake no matter what diet they follow! (Plus, cats are obligate carnivores!) All of our plant-based products are intended for intermittent or supplemental feeding only.

Are your products organic or sustainable? What about your pouches?

Yes! And Yes! Peterra Kitchen is a plant-forward, climate-conscious company. Sustainability is a key feature of our company’s mission, including our ingredients and packaging … from pouch to pet. Using only organic, 100% plant-based ingredients is a key.

All of the ingredients in our products are USDA Organic Certified!

Certified Organic by NOFA-NY LLC

The pouches we use are home compostable!
Made with Compostable Materials by Turtle Films

Our compostable pouches are made in a facility that uses 100% renewable electricity.

Click HERE for full details about our pouches.

For more, visit our PLANET-FRIENDLY page!

What should I do if the baking mix for dogs seems too liquidy, sticky, or dry during preparation?

Too liquidy or sticky?
Sometimes a humid environment or a couple teaspoons too much water can cause the baking mix to be too moist during prep. No worries! Try these options:
(1) Before forming thumbprint cookies, let the dough sit for 10 minutes to allow the moisture to be absorbed by the ground chia seeds in the mix.
(2) Instead of rolling into balls with your hands, use a #100 cookie scoop (see image below)–that’s basically a 3/4 tablespoon scooper–to make the thumbprint cookies.
(3) If using your hands, simply moisten your hands with a slightly damp kitchen towel to help prevent stickiness. 
(4) If you accidently added too much water, just spread the mixture into an unbleached parchment paper- or silicone baking mat-lined baking sheet into an 8-inch square (kind of like brownies); bake until firm, about 15 minutes (or a bit more); then cut into 30 squares.

Too dry?
That’s easy. Add more water to the baking mix. But do it slowly by mixing in just one measuring teaspoon at a time.

What should I do if the baking mix for cats seems too liquidy, sticky, or dry during preparation?

Too liquidy?
Sometimes a humid environment or adding a couple teaspoons too much water can cause the baking mix to be too moist during prep. No worries! Just prepare as the directions indicate, but simply bake until firm, which may simply be one or two minutes longer.  

Too sticky?
A silicone baking mat-lined baking pan (or an 8-inch square silicone baking pan) works best when spreading the sticky(ish) dough into the pan. But if you use parchment paper, make sure it has “wings” (cut it so that it’s longer than the pan) that you can clip to the pan’s edges (see image below). This makes spreading the dough into the pan easier since the parchment paper won’t be slipping around. (Remember to remove the clips before baking, of course!)
Botanical Bark Dough Spread in Pan with Winged Parchment Paper and Cips
Alternatively, use a cookie sheet; place parchment paper (clipped to the cookie sheet edges during prep) or a silicone baking mat onto the pan; then spread the dough into roughly an 8-inch square.

Too dry?
That’s easy. Add more water. But do it slowly by mixing in just one measuring teaspoon at a time.

Do I need an 8-inch baking pan or can I use a regular cookie sheet for baking the botanical bark?

If you don’t have an 8-inch square baking pan, that’s not a problem at all! Use a cookie sheet; place either parchment paper (clipped to the cookie sheet edges during prep for easier spreading) or a silicone baking mat onto the cookie sheet; then spread the dough into roughly an 8-inch square. (Remember to remove the clips before baking, of course!) That’s it.

Should I worry if I see a few small cranberry red or pumpkin orange clumps in the baking mixes?

Nothing to worry about if this happens. Though not common, the cranberry powder in the treat baking mix for cats and the pumpkin powder in the treat baking mix for cats or dogs may slightly clump since we use only whole food powders without maltodextrin or other preservatives. They’re 100% edible.

I have a small dog. Can I make the thumbprint cookies smaller?

Of course! Instead of making 30 thumbprint cookies, you can double that amount. Make 60 mini balls from the mix; then instead of your thumb, press your pinky finger into the balls to form pinky-print cookies and bake for 11 minutes. Hint: Even if you don’t have a small dog, you can do this!

Can I sprinkle the raw baking mix onto or into my pet’s food?

No, it’s not recommended! The baking mixes require the addition of water, especially since there are ground chia seeds which require water absorption. And then baking the mix makes it extra safe for consumption as a pet treat.

Can I feed my pet more than the recommended serving amounts or in place of my pet’s regular food?

Since our organic pet treat baking mixes — thumbprint cookies for dogs or botanical bark for cats — are intended for intermittent or supplemental feeding only, we advise that you to stick to our recommended serving size guide. See BAKING MIX HOW-TO for DOGS and CATS for guidance.

The baked treats are intended for intermittent or supplemental feeding only. So please ONLY feed as treats, not in place of your pet’s regular food to assure they’re being properly nourished.

Can I form other shapes with the baking mixes?

Of course! Please use your culinary talent (or just culinary playfulness) to create any shape you want with our plant-based baking mixes for your puppers or kitties. For instance, form then into thumbprint hearts instead of rounds. (Hint: Tag us at @peterrakitchen when sharing your creations on social media!)

For the thumbprint cookies for dogs: Press out the baking mix dough and make cut-out cookies for any holiday or birthday. Or press the dough into fun baking molds and bake. Just be sure to bake until firm – so you may need to slightly adjust baking time. And if you decide to make giant cookies, for instance, remember that one of those over-sized goodies will be many, many servings, not just one, of course!

For the botanical bark for cats: Simply use mini cookie cutters and cut into desired shapes after baking.

Why do you recommend refrigerating or freezing Peterra Kitchen’s pet treats after they’re baked?

We believe in feeding our pets only what they actually need in their bodies. Since they don’t need preservatives, we don’t use any. So, think of the prepared pet treat products — thumbprint cookies for dogs or botanical bark for cats — like fresh bakery pastries. We know both you and your pets don’t like to eat moldy treats, so we suggest following our tried-and-true storage tips. See BAKING MIX HOW-TO for guidance on storing the prepared vegan baked goodies.

How do you store the unopened packaged dog and cat treat baking mixes?

The unopened packaged baking mixes can be stored in a cool, dry spot, like in a kitchen pantry away from direct sunlight or heat. Check the “best buy” date on the package and be sure to bake by that date for optimal freshness. Once the plant-based pet treats are baked, the thumbprint cookies for dogs or the botanical bark for cats can stored at room temperature for 1 day, in the fridge for 1 week, or in the freezer for 6 months.

Do I have to make the entire package of baking mixes all at once?

We recommend baking the full contents of our vegan baking mix for dogs or cats. That’s because you can freeze the prepared pet goodies for up to 6 months. But if you prefer not to bake it all at once, be sure to adjust water content accordingly and know that the baking time will be roughly the same if you bake half the mix or all of the mix. Pour any remaining dry mix into a jar, seal it, and store for up to 3 weeks in the pantry–unless the “best buy” date is sooner than that.

Is it normal for my pet’s bowel movements to change after consuming Peterra Kitchen’s prepared products?

Our vegan baking mixes for dogs and cats both contain naturally-occurring fiber, notably soluble fiber. The prepared mixes are not meant to increase bowel movements of your furry kids; rather, they may help normalize them. However, when you first start feeding your dog the thumbprint cookies or your cat the botanical bark, you may notice a bit more #2 the first couple of days while bowel movements become more normalized. Just be sure there’s always a fresh bowl of water available since it’s important for your pet to stay hydrated to help their entire digestive system function properly.

Should I ask my vet about including your product(s) in my pet(s) diet?

Sure! It’s always a good idea to discuss any change in your pet’s diet with their veterinarian or other pet health care provider – especially if your pet has allergies, intolerances, or a medical condition that’s impacted by diet. You can refer them to if they have questions.

Are you coming out with pre-made treats or other products?

Though we’ve made our cat and dog treat baking mixes as simple to make as possible, we know some of you prefer pre-made goodies at least some of the time. We’re cooking up lots of fun and functional concepts at Peterra Kitchen right now. So, check back periodically! And click HERE to sign up for your pet loving community!