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What’s Inside


We have curated sustainably-sourced, plant-forward ingredients for our super-premium dog and cat products to help nourish your pets from the inside out. No feed-grade ingredients here! They’re filled with nutritiousness and absolutely nothing artificial.

Our thumbprint cookies for dogs and botanical bark for cats are developed with “healthy weight” in mind, thanks especially to the satiating soluble fiber naturally present in our plant-based ingredients. Since about 60% of dogs and cats are overweight or obese, we want to be part of the solution!

Our pet treat products are also chef crafted for optimum deliciousness –- and fun. And as a bonus, they offer goodness for all — pets, people, and Mother Earth! 


Over time, many plant ingredients, including herbs and spices, can offer potential ANTI-INFLAMMATORY properties that may lead to better mobility (hooray for jump-worthy joints!) and overall good health for your pets. Herbs and spices offer tastiness, too. 

Our baking mixes contain carefully chosen herbs & spices! The dog treat mix features ginger, cinnamon & rosemary. The cat treat mix features basil & ginger.


Yep, our pets go #2 a lot! (Or at least it seems that way, right?) So, it’s important that they have healthy poops — not too dry and not too loose — you know, the ideal “goldilocks” of poops. PREBIOTICS (a type of fiber) and soluble fiber may help maintain good gut health of your pets. 

The soluble fiber from oats is satiating. In other words, it may help your pets feel fuller. Ultimately, this may help play a role in keeping dogs and cats at a healthy weight.

Naturally occurring prebiotics & soluble fiber are found in our baking mixes. The dog and cat treat mixes both feature oats & pumpkin.


Whether from animal foods or plant foods, quality protein can help build, maintain, and repair your pets’ muscles — keeping them strong. And when that protein comes from WHOLESOME plant sources, it also means that your pets may have a positive, not a negative, impact on our planet by enjoying it. 

As a bonus, the duo of plant protein and fiber works to help keep pets well satiated.

The dog treat mix features chia seeds & peanuts; the cat treat mix features chia seeds & chickpeas. Each of these ingredients are whole sources of plant protein


Phytonutrients is a fancy way to say plant nutrients! To provide optimal wellness for your pets, we’ve punched up potential health-protective properties by including nutrient-rich veggies and fruit in our products. For instance, kelp may offer IMMUNE-SUPPORTING benefits; wheatgrass may boost digestive health; and cranberries may be beneficial for urinary tract health. 

To provide our pets with these beneficial phytonutrients, we’ve included kelp in our dog treat mix and kelp, wheatgrass & cranberries in our cat treat mix.

Note: The health statements above are based on evidence-based scientific research and intended only as generalized nutrition information. They are not intended to be structure/function claims for Peterra Kitchen® products. As a reminder, our products are Intended for intermittent or supplemental feeding only. Always seek the advice of your veterinarian with questions regarding your pet’s diet.